P4 Heuristic Evaluation Notes

Below are links to everyone’s individual evaluation notes and a combined version.

Due to David working really hard on the coding of the application, as a team we felt that it would be way too bias for him to conduct an evaluation. Also, it may have been too difficult for him to conduct it, due to it being his own work.

Jonathon: P4HeuristicEvaluationJT.docx

John: JO-P4HeuristicEvaluationNotes-1

John: JO-P4HeuristicEvaluationNotes-2

John: JO-P4HeuristicEvaluationNotes-3

Brandon: HeuristicEvaluation-BY.docx

John’s summary of his and Brandon’s EvaluationsHeuristicEvaluationAggregatedSummaryJO-BY.docx

Samantha-P4 Heuristic Evaluation

Combination of everyone’s evaluations for the Appendix P4 Heuristic Evaluation Appendix with EveryonesristicEvaluation-BY.docx