Affinity Diagrams

Affinity Diagrams and List of Brainstorming ideas.

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Brainstorming ideas:

Brainstorming the layout, features, functions, concepts of application

Most coming from sketches

  • Simple access
  • Easy usability
  • Tutorial
  • Favorite items/similar items/recent items
  • Categories-items
  • Profiles-log-ins
  • Taking photos/scanning images
  • Tagging items
  • Home, category (etc.) buttons
  • Image w/description and title
  • Location
  • Ownership
  • Search options
  • Quick bars/links/scrolling/swapping
  • Labels
  • Format to double click-delete
  • Format similar to paper and pen
  • Automated uploads
  • Collage of items
  • Uploads-pictures from gallery
  • Tabs/organization
  • Usernames
  • Word passwords
  • Pins-passwords
  • Insurance connections
  • Insurance buttons/lists/pages
  • Lists of items
  • Double view layout
  • Everything laid out to visually see all at once
  • Annotate feature
  • Android Sharing

Affinity Diagram: Keep in mind target customers

Diagrams were suppose to paste here, but they won’t show up. Therefore, they are within the word document link above.


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