Brainstorming our ideas

Brainstorming sketches for P3-Ideation and Lo-fi Prototypes


Brainstorming the layout, features, functions, concepts of application

Most coming from sketches

  • Simple access
  • Easy usability
  • Tutorial
  • Favorite items/similar items/recent items
  • Categories-items
  • Profiles-log-ins
  • Taking photos/scanning images
  • Tagging items
  • Home, category (etc.) buttons
  • Image w/description and title
  • Location
  • Ownership
  • Search options
  • Quick bars/links/scrolling/swapping
  • Labels
  • Format to double click-delete
  • Format similar to paper and pen
  • Automated uploads
  • Collage of items
  • Uploads-pictures from gallery
  • Tabs/organization
  • Usernames
  • Word passwords
  • Pins-passwords
  • Insurance connections
  • Insurance buttons/lists/pages
  • Lists of items
  • Double view layout
  • Everything laid out to visually see all at once
  • Annotate feature
  • Android Sharing

All team members added to sketches:

Design 1 (DF) – Practical

Design 2 (DF) – Minimalist_

Design 3 (DF) – Picture Driven_

Design 4 (DF) – Handy_

P3 – Brainstorm Sketches (DF)

P3 Sketches JT!

P3 Sketches JT..

P3 Sketches JT

P3 Sketches-SL (1)

P3 Sketches-SL



Sketch 1 (JO)

Sketch 2 (JO)

Sketch 3 (JO)

Creating the Project- User Research Methods Results

1. Interview-SB-Samantha

2. Interview Questions -KV-Samantha

3. Photos above are also results from Samanta

4. Target Audience Profiling – Survey Results Summary -JO-John

5. Target Audience Profiling – Survey Demographics -JO-John

6.Summary of results-Samantha

7.Target Audience Profiling – Surveys – JO-John

8.P2 – Interview (DF) – Sunni Schwencke-David

9.P2 – Interview (DF) – Scott Larson-David

10.P2 – Interview (DF) – Jeremy Loukas-David

11.P2 – Interview (DF) – Brandon Wenzel-David

12.P2 – Interview (DF) – Beth Brown-David

13.P2 – Interview (BY) – Colin O’Connor-Brandon

14.P2 – Interview (BY) – Kristianne Young-Brandon

15. CSC 522 P2 – Interview Wale Edu-Jonathon

16.CSC 522 P2 – Interview Patrick Boussie-Jonathon

17.CSC 522 P2 – Interview Ike Pollari-Jonathon

18.CSC 522 P2 – Interview Andrew Carey-Jonathon

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Creating the Project

We have been working on the idea of what we would like to include in our project.

As the millions of ideas begin to flow regarding the aspects that we want this application to have, we noticed that the multiple ideas began to create more of a complication than resolution. With a variety of aspects, or add-ins, that we kept coming up with, we noticed that we needed to start simple and small and add if we had time.

With this realization, we began to focus on the necessities of this application that we needed to focus on.

We need to start focusing on the needs of “our people”.

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Creating The Idea

We may have had this as an assignment, but we shortly realized that creating an idea was not necessarily the easy part, like we all may have assumed.

No matter what we would think of, or like to alter, you would always find that someone else had already published a similar concept.

At least for me, this made this process become discouraging. But as the thoughts began to roll, we were able to gather a wide range of different ideas that all would be wonderful projects.

As the deadline kept approaching, we chose to work on an idea that David had created. His idea incorporated the concept of a household item categorization application.

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Creating The Team

As we all begin this journey of human center design, we have become acquainted with each other and each other’s backgrounds.

This journey will be interesting based on the wide range of backgrounds that we all have.

Each of us will provide a necessary need that we will have while working on this group project.

We have the main coders, the businessmen, the marketers, the writers, and the researchers.

We have created a contract that details expectations, strengths, weakness, tasks, and commitments (see attached file)

The team members are as follows:

  • Samantha Lang
  • John Orin
  • Jonathon Tamm
  • Brandon Young
  • David Faunce

Team-Contract P1 (Signed)