P4 – Hi-Fi Prototype Video Demo

Below is a list of video demos of the prototype. The first is the Scenario. Please be sure to watch the other videos that further describe the features you see in the scenario.


[*] – SCENARIO – Add Item and Generate Insurance Report


[1] – Introduction


[2] – Items and Bins


[3] – Search Bar, Edit Items, Manage Bins


P3 – Lo-Fi Video Prototypes

Lo-Fi Prototype Demonstrations:

Below is a series of short videos demonstrating certain tasks the user may perform on this app. The low-fidelity screens were simply sketched in order to provide a rapid prototype and allow the user to better understand the functionality of the app.


[*] – Storyboard Scenario


[1] – Introduction


[2] – Home Screen


[3] – Add New Item


[4] – Barcode QR Scanner


[5] – Camera  (Add New #2 Method)


[6] – Bins


[7] – Tags

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Creating the Project

We have been working on the idea of what we would like to include in our project.

As the millions of ideas begin to flow regarding the aspects that we want this application to have, we noticed that the multiple ideas began to create more of a complication than resolution. With a variety of aspects, or add-ins, that we kept coming up with, we noticed that we needed to start simple and small and add if we had time.

With this realization, we began to focus on the necessities of this application that we needed to focus on.

We need to start focusing on the needs of “our people”.