P4 – Hi-Fi Prototype Video Demo

Below is a list of video demos of the prototype. The first is the Scenario. Please be sure to watch the other videos that further describe the features you see in the scenario.


[*] – SCENARIO – Add Item and Generate Insurance Report


[1] – Introduction


[2] – Items and Bins


[3] – Search Bar, Edit Items, Manage Bins


P3 – Lo-Fi Video Prototypes

Lo-Fi Prototype Demonstrations:

Below is a series of short videos demonstrating certain tasks the user may perform on this app. The low-fidelity screens were simply sketched in order to provide a rapid prototype and allow the user to better understand the functionality of the app.


[*] – Storyboard Scenario


[1] – Introduction


[2] – Home Screen


[3] – Add New Item


[4] – Barcode QR Scanner


[5] – Camera  (Add New #2 Method)


[6] – Bins


[7] – Tags